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werealljaded (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2004 at 5:22pm
Current mood: calm
Music: yellowcard
i wonder where i am going. you know, the long track. i feel like i am walking through a marathon and i'm not going to catch up to everyone else. all my friends are enrolled at one college or another, and classes started this week. i have been hanging out with lauren a little bit at the FAU campus down the street from my house, and i'm so jealous. it all seems so exciting. high school is over, it's supposed to be my time to step up and try to make it in the big world. i'm just being a bum.
i don't even know what i want to do- i have so many wants. i want to be a high school teacher. i want to be a social worker and save the world one kid at a time. then, my risky side dares to dream of being a model/ actress. i want to be known. it would be awesome for people to turn on the tv and hear my name. and if i was rich, then i could help other people better. when i get to thinking like that, i just want to slap myself. i am from humble roots and could never make it big- i know this, but it's still kinda nice to want.
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