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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2004 at 7:47am
Current mood: cold
Music: weird buzzing
Subject: BRRR :(
Why is it soo cold??? It is still the supposed hottest month of summer! Why can't it be at least WARM?? I am wearing a skirt today. And will freeze my ass off. Can't wait. is the first day of school. Joy. I did not finish my English. I still need to read a book and write 4 more journal entries. I was typing them, but it was in the middle of stuff, and my columns and entire journal format got fucked up. So, I fixed it and will just write the damn things.
I have 7 am today. After all that confusion, I still have to go. I don't even know what room it is in...resourceful me :-s.
I can't wait to see who my new music teacher is. For some reason, that has been eating me since the beginning of August. Very odd.
I am hungry though I ate a bowl of cereal. Boo. I hate being hungry.

I like my Monty Python review, but the one on The Exorcist completely sucks. How exciting, eh? :-p. But...I think I am more of a Monty Python type write than Exorcist. If that made sense to you. It did to me. I am better than you. :-)

I am soo excited for school...which is very very sad.

I get picked up at 6:35 today. Right now it is 5:45.

I set my alarm for 5 (just the time I usually get up for school), and actually got up, but when I came downstairs, I found out it was really 4:40. I was up VERY VERY early today. I will be dead by 6th period. MY LAST CLASS :-D (which I am changing. I want a 7th.)
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