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jessieslifeadayatatime (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2004 at 4:00pm
Music: dimmu borgir
Subject: wtf is her problem?
okay so, first period i have orchestra, it was so lame today. like i'm just sick of fat ppl... like he today he had sweat on his shirt where the creases in his rolls are. grody. second is math. damn its so boring, and she's like 'okay wat's this times this children?' and it's like 'god damn! get to the meat!' third/fourth is english/world history block. its a damn long class. other wise its pretty cool. lunch! today at lunch i like walked around and ate a snickers bar and played w/ my new pimp tamagotchis and talked w/ lauren. fifth i have health, not as bad as it originally was. he's still a fat teacher. w/e. well NEways. sixth is spanish, and today we had a test on the alphabet, and like every body was like ' ummmmmmmmm.... d?...yea... e....' and so on and i got up their and i like so owned every body. it was so funny. every one's eyes got really big and was like 'whoa..' well i took spanish one last year, so its not to difficult. and last but NOT least is god damn fucking biology. the worst class of the day. she's so old and annoying! FUCK MRS. VON NIEDA!!!!!!!! omg, like its so god damn b o r i n g . . . well to finish up how my day went, my mom picked me up and like she's been driving me crazy. i went to bed on tuesday nite. and sometime in the nite she left and i called her in the morning and she said 'i had to go to the emergency room' and i'm like 'w/ the fuck and i'm supposed to get to school?' and she's like 'i called ken (the neighbor) and he said he would take you, call him' so i did and that was the last time i heard from her until thursday after noon. wtf is her problem! she's my fucking mother! why does she think she can just leave me w/o notice for days! wtf!? i'm so pissed. and then she comes back and is like 'your mean to me' and i'm like 'w/e, you diserve every thing you get' fucking i swear to god if she keeps this shit up i'm going to ... i dunno yet. but it won't be pretty. oh yea. last week we got in a fight and i got a big scratch down my face and my eye was slightly bruised. i can't stand her. but there's no way i can go live w/ my dad again. its so depressing over there. i just want my cello. :-) tehe. how nerdy. currently i'm listening to my mom suck up to ppl cuz she wants to get a job over here again. rite now she works in sanford. i just think she's lazy. she says she's looking for a job here cuz she doesn't want to drive there any more but i think it's because she hasn't been to work in two weeks and i think she got fired. fucking peice of shit. O YEA!! then yesterday she had the nerve to tell me everything's been going wrong because of me and that we need counseling together! and i'm like 'wtf!' how does her leaving me for two-three days have to do w/ me the slightest bit? i think she's on drugs. thats wat i think. fer real dawg. well i'm out. later. leave a comment bitches. <3 jes jes
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