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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2004 at 5:13pm
Music: hope doesnt dangle on a fuckin string.. nothings there.
Subject: truth or dare
"life has its ^ups^ nd downs
.. we all get bumps in the road..
but why are my bumps so
godamm big..

dont have a cell phone for awhile.
daddy's gotta use it.. so dont call.

A big *plus* about being single
is that ur not supossed to have to deal with the typical shyt that goes along with a relshionship.
And im `so` over caring wat every1 belives and whatnot.
truth be told
i could care less anymore.
think w.e the hell u want and keep the drama going ---)
cuz as of now it doesnt phase me in the least.

Im beyond done with it.
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