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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2004 at 11:40pm
Current mood: whoa
Music: Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
Subject: Haha! How AMUSING is this!?
I got a 62% on my Gault test! And that's WITH the 22-point curve! XD HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA FAIL! But, I have a 65 D in there, but who cares! A 62! WOOOOOOO!! Last test I got a 68% with a 18-point curve. *shrugs* I have a D and not an F! FWAHHH!! XD

I got my grade sheet and I yelled out, "YES!" and everyone thought I got the 100%. It was funny. XD

Anyway, the first Anime Club was today. Everyone wants me to do all this stuff. I thought that was now I might be running for Vice President of the club. Joy...I have to make up a speech. W00t. Annnnnd, I'm gonna try to draw a design for the anime club T-Shirts...cuz I didn't like the designs much. Eheheh... Hopefully, we're going to a convention this year.

Oh...and look what I found.

Guess who that is, people who live near me. You got it! XD Ain't it funny?

That's it. I'm tired. L8terZ.
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