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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 2:35pm
Current mood: incredibly happy
Music: blink-182,sublime,new found glory.
Here is a letter from me and one from christie

Dear christie,
i am so happy you want what i want. i don't care what your dads think, i love you. i have been thinking and i think i love you enough to spent my life with......i think we should think about marrage . i want you to be with me forever. there arn't words to explain how much i love you. i would never leave you for another girl....i will wait my whole life to see you sweetie. get any thoughts of that out of your head i love you too much to ever do that. there is no girl in the world i would rather be with than you. god blessed me by connecting us. you are a part of complete me. i love you christie. i know we can't marry until we are older....but i want to know........will you marry me????

all my love ,

i love you you sexxxy angel

Dear, Kaya
Today I called my dad's house. Nadia picked up and I asked for you. Nadia said that you where at your mom's house and that your not going to srm. Safir told my dad that I'm over here living with Joey. My dad is so pissed. His gonna call the cops on us. I hate my dad his so stupid! I don't think my dad loves me. That's ok,cause I really don't love him. I was talking about my dad with my mom. I cried and talked about how much I hate my dad for two hours. My dad better still let me vist! ................ Well, anyways how did your day go? Are you ok?............Kaya, I want you to know that. I know that in my heart I want to be with you forever. I don't think about it I know. That I do want your hand and Marriage. My love for you is more then all of the stars in this world. I don't care what my dad says. I love you. My dad is never going to change my love for you. You are everything to me. I want to be your everything. So the question is...Do you want to marry me later in life?
With all my love always, Chrisite
P.S e-mail me back sweetie.
You are so sexxxy. Not me!
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