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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 7:04pm
Subject: My mind is pacing.. could my heart be racing?
I cannot define this happiness, it's borderline unbearable, it's tremendous in the highest regard.. I cannot define it. INEFFABLE IS THE WORD.

Yet, simply saying I'm fucking happy would more than likely do it justice.

But that's not why you should read this journal.. you want to hear about Lost Legends, no? Otherwise you'd be on my un-Lost Legends journal. No?

Which amuses me terribly so.. (aye, off-topicness is my forte) I didn't tell anyone, not even friends, not even people who read this journal, that I do in fact have two. Firstly, I figured if someone really, really, really wanted to find out they could. But that's not what amuses me. It amuses me when I say, "Oh you didn't know?" as if they were, in fact, supposed to. Because I didn't tell anyone, right? Get it? I can't say I know why I did that. I sometimes tell people, to paraphrase, "Is my humour so hard to see?" when right now I'm answering, "Why, yes, yes it is."

Heh..... sooo.

I start so many projects and what-nots on Lost Legends. I put area projects off hold because we have no players because... and so I started to redo Charlton room descriptions in a notepad file. This way I can update all of the rooms (mighty helllll) relatively at the same time, instead of having them updated one day, and one day, and one day, because I know some invisible player is going to complain that many rooms SUCK and the other rooms DON'T. Athankyou.

I can read them invisible players' minds now. They transmit these waves that say, "UNIFIED GOSHDARN ROOM DESCRIPTIONS POR FAVOR." Because the players.. no, I don't know why they do this. Or why they know Spanish.
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