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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 9:56pm
Current mood: angry
Music: eminem...
Subject: baa!!
-i got my haircut this morning, its looks alright...
-got sum stuff for my hair
-ana called me!!!! haha wen i was in that car waiting for my mommy :-) i was wicked happy about that!! lol i miss you my looserr!!
-helped peter out,made him food for sum reason..?
-me and peter got in a fight against my dad and mom...saying how mark needs to STOP bringing his bitch here...we are SOO sick of her!
-wen shoppin for a lil bit
-now home...

wow this night is boring....seeing that i cant go in my own fucking basement...cuz "tessa's here" BAA GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE FOR ONCE!!!!!

tomaro i mite have sherrin and cassie over!!! lol i miss my two babiez!! they HAVE to see the pictures from camp! hahaha
BEN!!! hahahaha

well im gunna go be bored...
baa wtf this is gay, i cant watch tv in MY house cuz sum lil bitch is here?!? WTF!
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