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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 8:28pm
Subject: If happiness were a two-foot thorn in my side I'd wear it with a grin.
I am almost surprised at my eagerness to detail this long lost happiness, that I call good music. Yesterday the two most now-officially amazing people showed me an absurdly incredible view into the most entrancing music I have ever heard. This shit ruins Audioslave's shit, I'm so sorry to say.

I felt pretty worthless to society when I found out Epica's female vocalist, Simone Simons, is actually younger than I. Damnness. I keep wondering what she'll sound like in a few more years, surely she'll still be singing.

With good music not much else seems to matter. It keeps me in a good, slow mood. And I was beginning to have a good, slow time, especially for being up so early in the day and my headphones being fucked up. Then a girl on MSN starts small conversation with me, she's someone I met over at Lost Legends. I told her I'd be leaving soon to head towards the "city" with my family (somewhere I don't go often, living in a city-less town) and she types in a frown. Thinking she was upset because I was leaving so soon and last night didn't go well, I apologized, and she types in, "you can't help it that you have a better family than i". If words could bitch slap I was looking for them.

I woke up very unpleasantly this morning for reasons out of my control. I wanted to verbally throttle this girl for making such a fucking dumb comment. It's not even about what's wrong with me. I'm more unnerved that she'd somehow assume that any family that goes anywhere together is your average, cookie-cutter Partridge family. And that because her family doesn't invite her to a four hour trip once every three months that she's somehow being overly mistreated.

Now that irks me.

The more I think of it the more it angers me. I shouldn't have even let that get to me the way it did, I know it wasn't worth it.

So, as you may have forgotten by now, I did go to the "city" and would it be surprising to know I had moderate fun? I went to an oriental food store and found the funniest shit.. let me go fetch a camera.

About half an hour later and I'm sitting here with only one good picture of the three products I tried capturing well enough to show. Aye.... but enjoy.

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