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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2004 at 2:39am
Current mood: nostalgic
Subject: walk down memory lane....
well i already updated lj for the night so here i am again....i am being such a journal slut.

but anyway just had the most random conversation with john he hasn't tlked to me that much since school started and he IMs me out of nowhere tonight and starts getting all nostalgic and talking about things in the past that i don't think he even admitted to me back was weird lol he eventually informed me he had been drinking and it all made sense.

i got over john a long time ago but i liked that we were still able to maintain some kind of friendship...we really had a lot of fun times together haloween...playing in the fountains at cityplace....hema's party....the back of danielle's dad's truck.... going to the movies....kicking nick out of the car lol....all of the stories i used to write him and the odd random text messages that would like brighten my day, he was the only one i managed to stay in contact with while i was grounded last yr it saved my sanity the day i took him shopping and we went on our adventure to publix and the "lake" by my house and the bookstore because i really am kinda smart many inside jokes it was just nice to look back and to know that he hasn't forgotten all of the good times. He's really happy with kassie now though and i really am happy for him because when you get down to it he's a pretty good guy.

wow this entry was so like upbeat and positive idk where that came from. i'm gunna have to be such a bitch to him nxt time we tlk to make up for it lol

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