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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2004 at 2:01pm
Current mood: tired
Music: "Love is a Crime" --Chicago
Subject: If I were...
if i were a month i would be: July
if i were a day of the week i would be: Saturday
if i were a time of day i would be: 6 AM
if i were a planet i would be: Pluto! ^^
if i were a sea animal i would be: sea otter or a dolphin, maybe an orca ^^
if i were a direction i would be: east
if i were a piece of furniture i would be: pull out sofa couch thing ^^
if i were a historical figure i would be: Davy Crockett, Remember the Alamo!
if i were a liquid i would be: water, running water not still water… can’t trust still water
if i were a tree i would be: sakura tree
if i were a flower/plant i would be: a deep red rose with lots of thorns, I dare you to try a pick me
if i were a kind of weather i would be: thunder storm, my favorite type of weather. So entrancing and calming
if i were a musical instrument i would be: definitely not a woodwind or brass, nothing you have to blow into… I guess guitar ^^
if i were an animal i would be: wild wolf
if i were a color i would be: red
if i were a vegetable i would be: I don’t want to be eaten… T-T
if i were a sound i would be: howling wind
if i were an element i would be: fire.. no earth… can’t choose
if i were a car i would be: not into cars… but a cute car ^^
if i were a song i would be: “My Happy Ending” - Avril or “Vindicated” –Dashboard Confessional
if i were a food i would be: ravioli, desert wise chocolate covered strawberries
if i were a place i would be: some protected forest with lots of animals ^^
if i were a material i would be: silk
if i were a taste i would be: I don’t know, probably something that tastes orgasmically good
if i were a scent i would be: nature, if you noticed nature has it’s own unique scent… maybe I’m psyco, shut up! The smell of ocean spray
if i were a word i would be: "obscurity”
if i were an object i would be: a vase
If I were a body part i would be: fingers
if i were a facial expression i would be: questioning
if i were a cartoon character i would be: Nala from the Lion King ^^ or Kikyo from InuYasha
if i were a shape i would be a: circle
if i were a number i would be: 3
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