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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2004 at 8:05pm
today was interesting.. like.. i was at work.. and some lady came walking in and was like "hey, theres a tornado comeing.. did you hear it on the radio..".. and im like "umm.. nope.."..she was like "its heading this way in 15 mins.. does this place have a basement!!! OMG!.".. and im like "uhhh... nope......"...and she was like "then we should have everyone hide under the seats in the theaters".. and im like "umm.. i dont think anyone could fit under them.. really.. i wouldnt worry about it. whatever.".. and she was like "well its coming!!! i heard it!.. look the winds picking up!!" and the wind was just normal and gentle...people were getting out of there movies and she was like "people.. there is a tornado comeing.. for your own safety stay inside!!".. and im like "seriously.. we are in CONCORD.. i wouldnt worry about it.. look at all the trees and hills.... "... and finally after calling all of her family on her cell to warn them and watchign a movie, she left... stupid bitch.. as she was there a huge rain cloud came in.. it was like HUGE.. lol.. and it startign raining and lightnign was striking (this was while she was in her movie).. and it was crazy.. and then when i was gettign tickets a bolt of lightning struck right outside in the parking lot and fried all of the phones.. it was actually quite funny.. the phones just kept ringing and ringing. and at first i didnt realize it wsa becuase they were busted.. soo id pick it up, no answer, then it woudl start ringing again.. lol.. and finally after pickign the phone up like 5 times i was like "fuck it....".. lol.. we almost lost power twice.. oh yeah i forgot, when tornado lady was talkign to me, my coworker pulled in with his subs on.. and she like freaked out and thought it was the tornado.. lol.. stupid lady....

adam and sarah came to my work today.. it was nice to see them... i let them in free becuase im a nice guy.. lol..

my labtop should be here on like wednesday.. thats what im guessing...
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