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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2004 at 9:14am
Current mood: tired
Subject: why am i up soo early?!?
haha last nite Sherrin and Cassie came over around 7...haha me and cass made fun of my mom for lil bit then we went into my room and they looked at all my pictures, again lol. then we talked...then went downstairs hahaha cassie asked for peanuts lol and hahahaha sherrin was like..hey cass can u grab me a cube...hahaha i really dont kno why i found it so fuckin funny but i did haha then we went downstairs and i just continued to laugh wenever sherrin said said something haha...
ur condensation is falling on ur leg!!
haha cassie got to sit in my cool chair haha you should feel very honored..
yea so we watched the vmas...made fun of ppl there lol got mad at some of the winners cuz yea umm Jay-Z should have won like, every fuckin

hmm i have school crazy is that?!?
the summer is OVER for me :-( not the greatest summer :-\ but i have to say August was the best month, with camp and everything and seeing people from school again,goin on yea i miss florida and maine tho...i regret June 5th tho...cuz if i was somewhere else that nite, everything would be better, i would be able to go out this summer, and see Kelsey and Meg, but yea i fucked up..real bad...and i ain't doin that shit again!!

well im out...
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