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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2004 at 5:03pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Why Not- Hialry Duff
hey all! whast up?!?! lol today i had Peer Leadership it is so much fun i love it! lol it was a lot of fun to see everyone i missed them esp. MINISH! lol! but yea JANE is my peer buddy im MO excited let me tell u this and our theme is gunna be finding nemo because according to jane 'it was the fish that brought us togerther' haha oo i love her!!! lol but jane and i think our froshies r gunna be scared of us we are kinda scary and wild and talk a lot but its all good!!!! lol soo yea tomorrow we are going to this place like a hour away and i hear its pretty rough so im nervous but yea should be fun! haha OMg and we were planning out the nightmare skit HAHA its so hillarious Chrissy is the freshman and brin, krista, meg, melissa and i are the 'bad' Seniors hahaha brin is doing this dance to Thriller and we are just snapping behind her hahaha its so funny! lol but yea i cant believe that tomorrow is SEPTEMBER! this summer went by so fast its scary! lol but yea im excited for school to start esp for Peer Leadership... haha o and yea i have Mr. Piparo for homeroom... i have now been on teh Second floor all four years at the mount... craziness but chrisyy p's locker is gunna be next to me YAHOOO! haha im excited but shavonne isnt in my homeroom which makes me sad =( but we will still chill! lol! so yea thats about all for now! love u all soo much! ttyl

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