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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2004 at 9:52pm
i wish i had a portable journal. so then i cud type in here at any moment of the day. i cant rite wat i say here on paper.
1- i can type as fast as im thinking so its easier
2- it flows better wen im on the computer..

1) what can i say.. spanish is spanish. besides the faact it was 100 degrees in there
2) talked, almost fell asleep. fire alarm woke me up... charleen had an intelligent quote- "If you believe in the cookie, you will live forever". she explained it to me at band but i cant put it the same way she did.
3)english.. better than last yr. but for sum reason 10 minutes into the class, i felt like it was time to leave. i packed up everything and was ready to go, until she sayd turn to pg 125 and i was like.. wait! oh yea we still have 40 minutes left!
4) geometry is confusing.. im scared of that class
5) very good. got standstunes 2004. sounds ok i guess. but the notes are rittin too small and i have to strane my eyes
6) ehh. SAT. test and i did bad. i dont even wana no!
7) also very confusing. but i found out i have a 98 in that class. so its all good!

to sum it up... ive now learned my weaknesses, math and science. sum people are math&science ppl, sum are english&history. i am definitly a english&history person!

my arm hurts and i gota do HW!!! yiipppy!


ps another hurricane is supposed to come.. im scrd! not relly. but i would like to not have skool.
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