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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 2:19am
Music: Descendents - Hateful Notebook
Subject: do you see each snapped synapse?
SweeTzK333: by the way, you're right about depression
SweeTzK333: it really does spark artistic thoughts
xxpun kangEL86XX: doesn't it!?
xxpun kangEL86XX: if you're happy, you don't need art to express what you're feeling.
SweeTzK333: then again, chuck palahniuk looks really happy in his picture... and we know how he writes... =P
xxpun kangEL86XX: i know, he always looks happy, but you know he's fucked up in the head.

xxpun kangEL86XX: ken says not knowing who lagwagon is is like not knowing bad religion.
xxpun kangEL86XX: i think he's wrong.
xxpun kangEL86XX: isn't bad religion more popular than lagwagon?
SweeTzK333: bad religion is actually on the radio
xxpun kangEL86XX: now he's going on a spree about how people who listen to music turn into the music they listen to and how it shouldn't happen.
xxpun kangEL86XX: damn, look what i started.
SweeTzK333: then again, i don't listen to alternative radio stations, so i don't really know if lagwagon is on mass media
xxpun kangEL86XX: i don't think it is.
xxpun kangEL86XX: me first and gimme gimmes, yes.
xxpun kangEL86XX: but i doubt lagwagon.
SweeTzK333: but i listen to everything
xxpun kangEL86XX: you don't see me wearing a cowboy hat.
SweeTzK333: so i turned into a druggie (diana ross) juvenile delinquent (hardcore/punk) who likes to skank (ska) around tractors (country)?
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol, excellent!
xxpun kangEL86XX: you'll nab a guy in NO time!
SweeTzK333: let's not forget that i'm wearing a viking helmet (opera) and that the non-bling (rap) around my neck complements the dancing queen (disco/abba) inside of me
xxpun kangEL86XX: LOL.
xxpun kangEL86XX: that's so great.
SweeTzK333: if you copy that over to ken, he'll think i'm even weirder
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol.
xxpun kangEL86XX: yeah, probably.
SweeTzK333: go ahead
SweeTzK333: you might as well
SweeTzK333: i have to live up to my Weird One status
xxpun kangEL86XX: hahahaha, he might get mad that i talked to you about him.
xxpun kangEL86XX: :-P
SweeTzK333: goshdarn! *snaps fingers* ;D
xxpun kangEL86XX: hahaha, i know man.
xxpun kangEL86XX: that was gold.
xxpun kangEL86XX: the stuff you just said.
xxpun kangEL86XX: :-P

xxpun kangEL86XX: hahaha, you'll be a great girlfriend!
SweeTzK333: with my ever-present freak-outs and anxiety and insane random comments that really don't need to be said aloud?
xxpun kangEL86XX: of course.
xxpun kangEL86XX: a guy'll find you delightfully quirky
xxpun kangEL86XX: and fall madly in love w/ you.
SweeTzK333: he'll be like, "this girl is a whirlwind, she's weird, and she's giving me a headache... this needs to stop"
SweeTzK333: and i'll probably walk too fast ;)
xxpun kangEL86XX: DElightful!
xxpun kangEL86XX: yeah, that might be a problem.
xxpun kangEL86XX: you're going to haf2 find a jogger.

I've been dumped for a whore and she's such a bore that she makes me snore.
"Put out or get out". Dang, man.
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