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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 1:46pm
grr i started writing an entry and my mom came in and was like i need the computer go away.. grr alright so anyway, i came back this morning from point pleasant for my soccer tryouts which went good.. julia and danielle came too and yea it was good.. i dont really wanna tell you details cuz i've already said them to like 6 people and im sick of it lol..

Chrissy's gunna get her own dog!!! ((she hates the one they have and he hates her)) shes gunna get a yorkie!

i put so much detail into that last entry that i never got to finish and now i dont feel like putting in the details again..

me and Chrissy listened to the spice girls last night lmaooooo.. we were like 7 and we still know all the words rofl.. and we're listening to a line that goes 'if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friend' and we're like.. that aint how it works! lol.. yea we had to entertain my brother cuz TJ couldnt come down.. he aint coming down til tonight cuz he had football.. i miss TJ hes funny.. oh well, anyway.. im going back to point pleasant.. staying til saturday now, not sunday.. we'll come back saturday morning.. and then go to lauren's.. im probably gunna like take my point pleasant bag up to laurens and ima wind up staying there instead of lauren staying here.. i hope it doesnt end up that way though.. i want her in brooklyn!!! grrr lol..

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