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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 4:16pm
my xanga entry from yesterday which i forgot to post over here:

Today was pretty good.. god i luv typeing with this laptop... enough about that though.. lol.. umm yeah..

i listened to Mer De Norms today for like the first time in a whole year or actually 2 years.. wow.. i soo want to jam now.. lol.. and my dad finally helped me move my guitat cabs out of my room.. soo i will b e able to jam tommorrow.. YAY. and jeremy is phsyced that we are getting back together. soo thats good.. we are going to have to make fliers of some sort to find another guitarist and bassist.. like.. mike was ok, his gear was terrible, but he was an ok guitarist.. its jsut that hes never not drunk or drugged up long enough to jam.. soo whatever. and dan was pretty good.. but hes in college (out of state).. soo oh welll... shitty. who knows.. maybe there is some good guitarist and bassist out there lookign for us... it would be sweet if we could find a synthesizer or violinist.. they woudl always be welcome :). lol.. or a good singer.. those are hard to find though.. well anyways.. atleast me and jeremy are solid.. hmm.. i kinda liek the idea of starting 100% all over.. even though we had like 8 songs and some change before we stopped.. oh well.. i already have a good song im workign on.. ill get to show it to jeremy tommorrow...

and jake hasnt called me in a long while.. god must be smiling on me.. lol.. dont ge4t me wrong, jakes a good kid.. hes just one of those people i dont like hanging out with though.... he jsut annoys me for no apparent reason.. i always seem to know people that annoy me and i cant figure out why, hahaha. lol..

ive got everything installed on the laptop now. ive got Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Paintshop Pro 8, and PhotoShop 7...ive only got 2 games on here right now.. and im going to try to keep it that way.. lol. ive got WarCraft 3 and StarCraft: Brood War.. ive turned into a StarCraft addict in the past 2 days... ive been soo bored.. ill wake up, play guitar, play a 2 hour game of StarCraft, eat, then play guitar, then continue that cycle until about now when i update my journal, and then i watch AdultSwim... lol.. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the funniest fuckin show ever.. lol.

wow.. i must not have listened to Mer De Norms for a long time.. im listening to 3 Lybras and all i can think about is Jayme.. wow.. and how ive seen her online like 50 times, and havent said hi.. time shes on im sayign hi.. lol..i cant stop thinking about how if i was back in highschool.. i would have done it sooo much differently.. i would have had her liek that *snaps his fingers*.. damn... lol.. like im 50 times as confident now.. and soo much more talkative from work.. and of course i like telling myself i have a better sence of style.. lol.. ;).. anyways.

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