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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 10:04pm
so evrything is goin ok i guess. surprise geometry quiz made me mad, but it was good. it was easy, and we cud use our books and notes. at publix we got subs and this lady took 45 minutes to make em. made me soo mad. @ sectionals sara (a freshie) brought up matt. well this was pretty hilarious. due to the fact that 1/4 of the fluties have gone out with him b4. me, krystal, and heather were makin fun of him. soon it was almost every1 and i jst couldnt stop laughing. it was good to hear from heather and krystal they sort of felt the same way about him. im mad at myself for bein pissed at krystal for 2 days. i now understand she had nothing to do with it. anyway, its better it ended wen it did.
i had sooo much fun at practice tonite. more than ive had in a LLOOOONNG time! we jst couldnt stop laughing, but we were still focused and got things done so it was all good. "playboy batson" entertained us also... hehe.
i reliezed that last yr...ppl who i thought were either stuck up, annoying,or didnt like me.... are none of those things. its cool that now im talking to them and havin so much fun.
the thing that made me feel the worst 2nite is the fact that ppl are sittin out for no good reason. they are sittin down, laughin and havin a great time. im workin my ass off and tryin to b my best. it all will b totally useless if so many ppl dont care. i march wen i have a fever, a headache, a twisted ankle.. everything. and i dont complain at all. ppl need to learn to suck it up!


ps. hurricane frances is on the way. this will prolly be one of the last times i post for at least a couple of days till we get power back! eghhh.
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