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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 10:51pm
Current mood: gloomy
today i got pulled out of gym first period for group, which was fine. it was cool, no new people, which is good. as i was walking to my next class i passes by the nurses office and i was reminded of mrs. kolton, i asked marci if she had heard anything..... i didn't know she passes away. i was hoping i heard wrong, or that i imagined her saying it but as my head went down and i got that sick feeling i turned around back to the lst. i coudln't stop crying. i loved her so much. i prayed that i would die instead of her. i prayed for anything a miricle. but she's gone and i didn't even know. i talked ot mr.s carlson about it, she was crying too. i have never seen her cry. and i went to math and coudln't pay any attention, right after i saw campi and he asked me what was wrong, and i told him and all of a sudden muchroom apeared, and tears were there but nooone saw them. when i went to gov. i started to cry again, but with my head down and noone heard or saw so it was fine, i didn't go out to lunch, i didn't feel good. then i went to alex's study hall and got a little cheered up. next was journalistic writing where i just rooled my eyes at rachel the whole time, and then latin, where i actually payed attention.
when i began to write this tears came to my eyes. it's reminding me about other people who have gone away. but this was hurts alot. she seemed happy all the time, really cared about us. she was an amazing lady and i miss her so much.
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