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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2004 at 10:29am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: happy ending
well another hurricane is due to hit this weekend. school was cancelled today... but the hurriciane isnt even gouing to diractly hit us enless it somehow starts to go south. Hurricane fRances is a btich tho! shes gone down from a cat. 4 to a cat 3, and they think she might even go to a cat 2... i mean shes not going to be thatttt bad, like charley, but the eye of the storm is 80 miles long and yeah the whoel state is gettin sumpfin from her. shes wider than the state itsself.... haha silly hurricane. they had the biggest evacuation order ever in florida yesterday. they closed the south bound lanes and had those for peopel going north too! no one has gas, they are all sold out. what on earth has this come to? the damn thing isnt even going to hit us tho.. thats what im confused about, whatever. they arent too scared about it hitting here, charley was worse in my opinion, he was a cat. 4/5. ha! well 2 hurricanes in 3 weeks. lol.
school is kinda ghetto. im really sick of it,
michael and i are kinda sorting out the problem with us. but yeah i dunno. hes always talking to me abotu liz and yeah, that needs to stop... i feel bad but i really dont want to know that he jacks off to her.
today i think im going to hang out iwth Greg... i havnt for 2 weeks today. i miss hanging out with him and being with him.. and i know when i hang out with him today whats going to happen.. but i wont get into that.. Hah!

anyway- i dont know what else there is to do.. im really bored. ill write later. sorry i dont update as much.
i love you!
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