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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2004 at 3:30pm
Current mood: content
Music: NFG:: This Disaster
Subject: are you aware, of how much you complicate me?
so, im taking Bec's advice and writing in hear again, I mean I paid the 2 dollars - might as well use this up, heh. Not much has been going on right now, me and Dan..heh..we are getting pretty close, more like a friends with benefits deal going on there which is nice, heh. Im officially starting my 3 day weekend, woot. Im so glad, I need a break from school. It literally hurts to get out of bed every morning. The day goes by really quickly, or at least I think so - but being in that environment and being away from a bed and a tv for 7 hours is a little harsh. WAY harsh. This weekend I think im going to see Napoleon Dynamite, fun stuff. Yeah so im out like a trout...or bean sprout.

<3 Me
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