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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2004 at 7:31pm
Current mood: elated
Music: "Tangled Up In Me" - Skye Sweetnam
Subject: You wanna know more, more, more about me...
I'm the girl leading the Slam Poetry club!!! Picked up the forms and everything today, I couldn't be happier! Anyone who's done this club form stuff want to help me out? Heh...
Concert Choir was alriight, I missed the first 10 minutes for SLS. We decided on our t-shirt design and they were so kyoote! I love SLS ^^
Omg, I was so out of it today! On my way out of Chorale, I was like "Crap you guys, who has a math quiz that she didn't study for?" And so they wished me luck and I get in and there are papers face down on the desks so I said, "Hey, are the face down papers the quiz we're supposed to take?" Then Mrs. Yamasaki gave me this weird look, "Those? Yeah, they're the quizzes and you can look at them. They're the ones you took Wednesday, was it?" LMAO! I felt so dumb and explained to her what I was thinking but she totally got me because she did a similar thing with her other class. Anyway, got a 12/12 woo! Go me!
Not much else to say... jammed my thumb yet again because I overtossed our triple in the work, my bad.
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