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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2004 at 10:22pm
Music: Erode - Dir en Grey
Subject: Jared Leto is doing a gay movie with Heath Ledger ^^

"What a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing.... I want to go home."

-Wednesday Addams; The Addam's Familt Reunion

Well, I've been told I should update my journal again which is true, because I've been planning to write a lot in here. Come to think of it I should probably go one Quizilla and make a second quiz thingy as well. M-chan would be happy if I did that.

Let's see now.. school's been going very well. Got my first English Honors quiz back with a 95% which is an A, so I'm very happy ^^. I've met a bunch of people there. Maybe later I'll list them and tell you a bit about them (oh fun).

First I think I'm going to talk about something my sister and I talked about about a week or two ago. I can't remember how we got on the subject, but I found it somewhat interesting, so I'm going to put my opinion on it here.

The Catholic church I think, though others may think otherwise, is a very confusing religion. They teach you that God created the universe, that God knows everything that's going to happen before-hand, and that no one is perfect besides God.
First thing I disagree with? I don't think God's perfect. Why? Because the Catholic church also teaches that God gets sad when we do wrong, that he has decisions to make. In my opinion, if God was perfect, why would he have to make choices? Why would he get sad when someone does something he doesn't like? He felt pain when he had to make that desicion to wipe out the planet in a flood (and yes, I know that's only a story), and he felt anguish when His son died on the cross. He had to make a choice, and He had to make a decision. He was sad about that decision and didn't want to do it, but He knew he had to. If you were perfect would you have regrets? What is "perfect" anyway.
The Catholic church also says that we were created in God's image. If nobody's perfect, and everybody was created in the likeness of Him, would he be perfect?
Secondly, free choice. I've been taught over the years that God gives us free choice, but then at the same time He also knows everything we're going to do. If He knows, tell me, how is that free choice? It may create the illusion we have a choice what to do, but in reality, we don't. So then if even God does not entirely grant us that, does that mean this believe of "free-choice" never even existed? Are our lives played out one by one, and what we think are surprises really aren't all that surprising?
Now on another thing having to do with belief, but not Catholicism. In some religions they believe that you are reincarnated repetitively. What you did in your past life has to do with what you become next. Many people believe that it is unlucky to become and animal of some sort and that it's much better to become a human. But I really don't find humans all that great. People assume that all animals are dumber than us, and I imagine they are in a lot of ways. But they have something that we lose when we're very young. As we grow up we lose our child-like innocence, but I noticed that animals really have no guilt. If they kill, it's usually for food. Dogs especially. A lot of people think it's dumb to follow someone around no matter what, because you want someone to love you. But what's wrong with wanting to feel loved?
We're arrogant to think we're better than anything else that lives on this earth. If we can't understand anything about these other things, like what they think, how can we say something like that? I mean you can't just assume.
No, I'm not saying animals are the smartest things in the world, but I do think that some things are of a higher rank than humans in many ways, say I!


I think too much.

I need to go pack real quick. We're going to Capitola tomorrow.

Okeedokie. Now shall I tell you about people at ND? Naw I think I'll save that for later.

Stab the dolls of hate.
Wash yourself with their blood.
Drive into the raging current of time.
Swing your murderous weapon into the belly. "The earth."
Shout and start creating confusion,
shed your blood for pleasure. And what?
For love? What am I supposed to do?

-"Art of Life" by X Japan

Yush I was looking up the lyrics to that and I liked a few excerpts. Decided to put that one in here ^.^.

Bai now!
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