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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2004 at 3:11pm
Current mood: yucky
Subject: I need to shower
I haven't updated in nearly two weeks I think, maybe more. I guess I haven't had the "inspiration" to write lol. So here's a quick recap:

-School's not bad...Isabelli isn't bad so far...he really expects you to learn and I like that...I think I'll get a lot out from his class this year...I'm just not looking forward to writing papers for him. Also Dircks isn't too bad either. She seems to be ok with me so it's all good. Her voice can get a little annoying but other than that, I don't mind her. She really seems to know what she's talking about and I like that as well. Things actually make sense and I'm estactic.
-I didn't make Dracula which I'm fine with actually. I was pissed but it wasn't because I didnt' make it I swear. I mean I was disappointed with things...but because I kinda let my emotions get in the way of how I presented myself. I could've done so much better...but I was pissed when I got on stage and that affected my presentation. I didn't have the feeling of "I gave it my all" when I was sent home. That's one of the reason's I was pissed. But overall, I felt really great about making callbacks. I had never been so excited to be call back in my life. They cut 50 people!!!! Yeah exactly! They only called back 21 out of 70 people...of course I feel great about that.
-I decided to do One Acts. I'm gonna work really hard and try to make it. It can be my little practice type thing for the musical. That's the one I'm gonna be freaking out about. I really really REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get a good role for that one and I need to be able to act and I need a lot of practice in that area...especially because I'm not great of an actor. But I try and I have fun with and that's a plus, I think.
-I decided not to ASM because there really isn't a need for two for a 10 person cast. There really isn't. Phelan said so himself. And it was good because that's what I was thinking and he kind of got me out of the grey area. And I've ASM-ed in the past and Stage managed. I generally know what I'm doing. There's still some things I need to learn but I don't need to be trained from the beginning. So I decided I'm gonna go tell Phelan on Monday that I'm not gonna ASM but do One Acts. I'm really happy that he wasn't going to turn me down though. He said he was plaining on having me ASM in the first place and that made me really happy. Just the fact that he wasn't going to turn me down felt really good. Sorry, Phelan, but I don't think you need me for this show. Now for Bo, I'm happy to help him out by joining crew :-).

What else is there? Oh yeah, people are flipping out about Homecoming. I decided I'm not gonna go. It's no big deal...well unless I'm asked...but I'm not planning on that. Last year, Homecoming was kind of arranged and it wasn't as fun as it could have been because both my date and I were there because people wanted us there. ::Shrugs:: He's still cool though. He's still super awesome.

I'm racist against dances, boys, and bugs.

Always, Sandy
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