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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2004 at 8:50pm
I;ve been feeling really artistic today, I've drawn alot. Yeah, alot of crap. I dunno, everyone tells me it's so good and I guess I compare myself to others. I don't think I'm as good as other people and no matter how much I practice I can't seem to get better. Eh, that's a lie. I mean, looking back at some of my art, I've no doubtedly gotten better. Also learning how to use photoshop to help meh color things so I'm not always submitting sketches to deviant art.

I watched the second Inuyasha movie, it was pretty cool. Kaguya tries to seal Inuyasha's human side into her mirror so Inuyasha's true desire is fulfilled. He almost kills Miroku when he tried to put some sense into the growling Inuyasha. It took a kiss from Kagome and several flashbacks before he returned to reality. It was really beautiul, I think so anyways.

I feel like nowadays I've been really contemplating more than I should be. Fretting over things that are so silly, or so they seem.. but to me they are bothersome. Like mosquitos. And I can't get enough of 'Hero' for some reason. Perhaps it holds some special meaning? Maybe it's because it's true?

I know people who say that love will save us. God's love for us will deliver us. But how can this be? How can they really believe that? Look at everything that we do in the name of love. Stupid things. We kill and there's naught but bloodshed in love's name. So the world promised by love is nothing but a myth. Right?

Maybe there will be such a thing as peace one day. Real peace. But, alas, there will never be peace. There will always be some belligerant, some protestor that will want to rise against the good. Always. There will always be a person who sees the right thing as the wrong thing.

The only things that bring me peace are knowing the ones I love are alright. It gives me peace of mind. Nick brings me peace of mind, there's nothing he could ever do that would make me hate him. Even if he told me he hated me. Even he told me he doesn't want me anymore. I'm a hopless romantic, I'd love him even after he left, after he told me to my face he didn't want me. He's been there for me always and for every stupid mistake, though he was disappointed, he never gave up on me and I don't think he ever will. At least I hope he doesn't. I couldn't bear life outside of his arms, I really couldn't.

Maybe love won't save all of us. But as long as he's there it will save me. It will save me.
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