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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2004 at 11:57am
Current mood: amazed
Music: Taking Back Sunday - New American Classic
Subject: The forth with three meanings
the past. it is the one thing that haunts the future of millions of people in this world, whether it is a good memory that they compare everything else to, a special person that passed away, or someones first love that decided to take another path. september the fourth last year was not a good day for me. i was alone, sad, and depressed becasue of my first love. me and her began dating three years ago, september 4 2001, and it was a day that started memoried that hopefully i will remember for the rest of my life. there are so many i just cant even think of them all; oero, im british cant u tell?, "will u be my girlfriend" and so many more. but this september fourth is a much better one as far as my love life goes. it is the third month "anniversary" for me and gaea. i am so incredibly happy with her. she is one of the most amazing people i have ever met. she is just simply amazing. then there is my grandpa who passed away. i am pretty sure its his birthday today. the first one my mom, grandma, and aunts celebrate without him. i have been thinking of him a lot lately, this thanksgiving and christmas is going to be hard without him. he was so full of life until the very end. i miss him so much its amazing. i look at his pen everyday. the pen is a little pen that u stick on a shirt or something that has a telephone on the front from when he used to work at a telphone company. if i recall correctly it was a visit to ohio after his first heart attack and the day we left i was hysterical and i made him go find something that he wanted to give me to remember him by because i had the crazy idea that i was never going to see him again. i was just a little kid then and didnt know what i was talking about, but i am so glad i asked him for something and he gave me that because until the day i die i will always have that pen. its a way that i can have my grandpa close wherever i am. grandpa i hope u have a wonderful birthday in heaven, we all miss you and love you. rip.
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