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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2004 at 9:58am
If you don't want to hear a lot of bitching, don't read this. I warned you so you can't whine about me complaining.

First off, fuck you. I'm not some 'lost cause' because I don't make the same exact decisions as you. If you're going to complain about my actions, tell me. I seriously can't stand it anymore. I have five (or more) people talking behind my back about shit they think they know about (I have proof.) You're not my friends. I feel like an idiot for thinking you once were.

I met some guys from Grand Rapids. So now all of a sudden I am a complete moron because they could "hurt me." Ha.. riiight. First of all, they are barely taller than me, they are skinny, and one is 15. Honestly, if need be I could injure them in some way to stop them from raping me.. because, well, you all should know anyone that's not from Cedar wants to rape me. Oh wait, I couldn't stop them.. because I'm drunk allll the time. Silly me.

I also forgot everywhere I go I need someone there to watch over me. It's not like I'm 16 years old or anything and can make my own choices. Oh! Here's another tip, when someone is smoking or drinking around me I CANNOT control myself, I just take that drink right out of their hand and drink all of it. Same with cigars or cigarettes. [You all know I'm addicted as well, right?] I must smoke every one I can get my hands on.

Same goes for crack cocaine.

If you're not noting the sarcasm, fuck off.

And don't pull that, "I'm trying to save her." or "I just worry." bullshit.
I already have a mother for that, and I'm not a lost soul.

So in conclusion, wake up, you stupid fucking idiots.
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