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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 12:16am
Current mood: defeated
Subject: AIFS? I think not....
Remember how I said I was going to exchange next summer? Well I found the perfect company to go through, Mrs. Esrailian suggested it and I researched and it was sooooo awesome! You eat with a homestay family, have courses and free time. Awesome activites on the weekend and not to mention for the first three days we actually sight-see in London before heading to Madrid! Talk about perfect! Downside, the whole thing costs around $6,500 which actually is about right for this kind of program.... However, mom "doesn't have that kind of money". She said she'd try to save the money but I doubt that, then Bill said I should do home-to-home stuff because it's free except spending money. Then I got mad and raised my voice and offered to make it a loan type situation that I would pay them back when I get my dad's money when I'm 18 if that was really the issue.... Then Bill said that I'm not emotionally stable/ immature and that he doesn't think I should be allowed to get my permit since he thinks I'd have a major case of road rage. *sigh* And it's much too dark to spin saber so I'm screwed for the night.... I was so excited, I hate this... I don't even want to go anymore... I don't give a damn about school anymore... okay, this is probably temporary but still... I'm so low, as if it wasn't bad enough before. I baked! BAKED FING BROWNIES! *sigh* No amount of chocolatey goodness can pick me up now....

I don't want to die, but I don't want to live at the same time....
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