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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 1:40pm
starting monday before labor day. things were weird. sometimes it seemed that adam was coming home for the weekend then he would talk about the partys that were going to happend and where he would be. and the majority of the time i talked to him he would always be laughing. and it just didn't sound like adam. so i was getting a little pissed and kinda worried.
up at the lake on friday i jumped in the shower, came out (i had clothes on) my hair was still wet and my mom gave me a funny look. i thought it was because the zipper on the pants i was wearing broke. but i heard someone coming down the stairs, i turned around and there was adam with roses. i was so happy to see him i almost cried. my mom took pictures. i didn't even care about the roses i was so happy to see him. he said he brought the roses because he didn't want to show up empty handed after what he did the whole week. he was laughing because he knew he was coming and didn't want to blow the surprise. well i have to get ready for tomorrow. i start my senior year.
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