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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 10:19pm
Current mood: sad
Music: Giving It All Away- Ashlee Simpson
hey all!! whats up?!? omg i am SO sad! summers over! today was the last day of the pool and omg i was so upset! i mean sometimes i get so tired of going to work every day but in the end i had such an AMAZING summer. i just love everyone @ RSC you guys were my summer and i had such a great time i love u all! haha omg i have so many memories from this summer haha John Mayer, California, Y Nats, COLDSTONE NON STOP haha, ASHLEE SIMPSON, driving, Garden State, The Notebook, Macaroni Grill,Peer Leadership, CP's story =), discussions lol, the SHORE, lieguarding, "OOOOOOOOO", haha RSC everythng, COLDSTONE eating contest 04, college, swimming, ATHENS, the 800 free relays, Michael Phelps, Stanford, friends, Mexicali, RAIN, and most importantly everyone who helped me laugh w/ the memories on the way!!!! lol! love u all and thanks for letting me have such an AMAZING summer! lol btu @ least i dont start school until next week! haha otherwise i die! PS I HATE MALCOM X worst book ever!!!!! haha! OMG I MEET MICHAEL PHELPS WEDNESDAY! i cant even wait! o and i start swimmign tomorrow! WOOOO! lol! but yea thats all for now! love u all soo much!!! ttyl

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