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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2004 at 8:59pm
Current mood: head achey
Music: ramones
Subject: new kids at college.
Well the 1st years are at college, its dead packed now, i dont like em' *shakes fist*. I suppose when a few of them drop out it'll quieten down a fair bit as it did with our year. There are a few nice people though, so its all good really.
So far im enjoying this year at college, me, jam and stace have made an agreement to kick eachother in the ass when we slack off so we should all really be working quite hard. Even if i do only do 17 hours now the home work hours have gone up to about two a night so i shouldbe kept fairly busy, i just hope that damian doesnt get mad if i ahve to do some work or something and dont pay him as much attention as hed like.
I dont think damian trusts me.
He wont let me go on holiday for, what to me, is no good reson. And even though im alowed to go out on thursday he doesnt want me to go really (even though i said id eat something garlicy and rub cabbage into my armpits so no one wants to snog me). Hes making me feel really giulty for going to hollys leaving do when i shouldnt because its one of my best friends and i wont see her for a year, so no matter what i have to go. Plus i havnt been out in ages so it'll be nice to catch up with people (eg tom, damo, claire, john, blah). I sholdnt feel giulty for going out once every three months really, its not like im blowing him off because hes known about it as long as i have.
I dunno, him not trusting me would explain the whole holiday thing and the whole needing to know exactly where i am all the time. I dunno. He says he does, but. argh i dunno.
Anyway it seems that i may be coming ino a bit of money soon ive already bought everything i wanted to buy (game cube 60 halfed between me and ellen, bench jacket 40 quid, college folders paper etc 30 in all) and i still have 78 quid left and will be getting 20 off jam and 30 from dad for my bike. WOOO! i asked damian if i could get him a lil present bt he doesnt know what he wants heh, well he has time to think.
Going shopping with lucy on wednesday, gonna get her some stuff for the house and the baby. Ahw, its surreal, lucys gonna be a mother (damn good one it looks like). its insane.
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