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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2004 at 7:46pm
Music: Aura- Yuki Kajiura and Kouichi Mashita
Subject: Life just drags on and on..
Today was good, I guess.

Not weather wise, the sky was pouring forth endless torrents of rain all day because of Frances and the wind was ripping, pulling leaves from trees and branches and such.

We stand in the gym usually, in the morning before the bell rings and I was standing there. Well.. CJ and Kasey are going out. And now I come to find Sam is going out with Lacey. Damn hypocrite. He doesn't want me going out with him and he thinks it's so messed up and he goes and does the exact same thing. Not that I'm jealous, I could care less, really.

But Kasey won't shut up about CJ. I'm serious, every other word that comes out of her mouth is about CJ. It's almost as bad as Stephanie is with Daniel. Geez. Sorry, I'm easy to agitation I guess.

KB is also going out with Daniel, she dumped Tyler I guess. Heh, everyone has someone, I guess I feel kind of out-of-the-loop. But, I really don't want a relationship. I want one, but I don't. Confusing, I know. I'll be fine without one, but feel lonely and unwanted and bitch about it. Then when I get one, I constantly bitch and complain and it's so hard to please me, Nick knows that ^^;

Not sure if Chris likes me or not. I think Micheal likes me.. not sure on that one either. Why do I feel uncomfortable looking into the eyes of other people? Do I see more than I should? I wonder.
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