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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2004 at 9:05pm
Current mood: sick
Music: ocean avenue - YC
wow i haven't written in here in so long...kinda wish i have...but oh well here i am now!

so i'm in the process of my second week of college and it's goin alright...just really stressful! i really have so much reading to do and other things that i don't know where to even start!! it's really tough and i haven't been doing anything BUT study...i dunno...i just hope i get into some kind of constant agenda here soon with studying...exams are gonna be here before i know it and i wanna be ready. i really want to do good in college...i mean i'm working towards what i'm going to be doing for the rest of my life...and i want to get a start on the right foot...not the hehe

well besides so much reading to do it's been roomate is really cool and i love havin her around...but i really miss my friends back home. traci came up this past saturday and it was so nice to have her around...even tho we didn't go out and do much, i just like hanging out with her...i miss her a lot :-/ ...i've been getting pretty homesick this week...after my mom left on saturday i almost cried...just because i didn't want her to's really hard not having her around...and it's really doing a number on me...who knew that i would miss her this much...well...i did.

chris and i have been seeing a good amount of eachother lately...on the weekends anyways...the weathers went home for labor day so i got to spend more time with him, yay!! it was nice...things seem to being going well but...i'm not stressing out about it at all...i have school to focus on more anyways. i won't explain the whole story with what happened but in a nut shell...the first week we got here on like friday i went out with meagan webb and came home with a letter from chris sayin that he wanted a that was that...then he ignored me the next night...i was really stressed out...but i told myself that i would be strong and get over i was happy with how things were and let it go. the night after that we hung out and...he rode me home from his house on our bikes then i kissed him...well he got back to his dorm and asked me to forgive was i in shock! but happy at the same time...ever since then we've been doing pretty good. wala!

well today i went for a run after studying all day...and i still have more to study...but i'm on the phone with chris then i gotta call my mom later so i'll write later...

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