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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2004 at 11:06pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Mom & dad are watchin law and order...blah!!
Subject: Rain, rain go away. Come again another day...
It's always good when we have flooding rains comin our way. It's been rainin all afternoon and evening, Frances is a biz. She must be mad! They just called her a fiesty lady on the news, lol. I guess she ain't that bad, we aren't gettin any of the actual BAD's gonna rain ALL day tommorow, and I couldn't help but think about all the stupid little kids that stand out in the rain and get all stinky and go in class and then ya start smellin an odor (example:) dirt and stagnite water. It's so disgusting!!! When it rains at school I hold my pants up so they don't get wet and I make a mad dash for wherever I gotta be. But yeah, also I couldn't help think about this lovely couple that makes out and practically scroggs by the trashcan (the hot spot of the school) NO joke, it seriously makes me wanna gag. Maybe if they stay out in the rain makin out, they'll quit stinkin so much. Ladies and Gentlemen, please cross your fingers. Miracles do happen =] I feel so mean, but my gosh people how much effort does it take to turn on the hot water, scrub ALL OVER and repeat daily. I am sooo sick of dirty people. I do pity those who absolutely can't take a shower cause they don't have one or whatever but these people that do and are just to lazy, and too absorbed into their drugs to jump in the shower, they have no excuse whatsoever, I guess they just enjoy making all the clean people miserable...ugh. Okay i'm gonna stop talkin about this subject...onto somethin else. Have I ever told you that my dog Jazzie is the sweetest most beautiful puppy in the world? Well she is!! She's so little. I feel really sorry for her right now cause she wants to go to bed but i'm not ready so she's like sittin in the floor by herself staring. She looks really sad, but yea she just jumped up here in the computer chair with me. Awwie...I <3 my Jazzie!
Yeah, last night 2 people I know from Church were in a really bad accident and they really need everyones thoughts and prayers right now. It was a pretty bad wreck.
Today we had a class meeting...officers are: President - Alan Dye, Vice President - Tabi Bowman, Secretary - Jenn Griffith, Treasurer - ME! yay, and Student Council Representative - Ben Midkiff. What a lovely bunch? LoL. From lunch kept gettin worse. The Convertible Blondes incident at the meeting was enough to push me. Blah! Me & Tabi volunteered to DJ the next dance. I'm kinda excited about I guess that tells ya what an exciting life I live. Ha, NoT! Anyways, I was gonna go to bed like 30 minutes ago but I started talkin to Cody. I'd rather do that than sleep...most days, lol. Love ya Cody ;] Well i'm gonna go continue talkin to him then try to get in bed at least by 12 [It's 11:35 right now] TTyL!
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