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jessieslifeadayatatime (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2004 at 9:08am
This is a survey about not only your OPINIONS on certain issues
but your stances on these issues as well. Feel free to elaborate!
So what is your opinion/stance on or about:
Legalization of hard drugs: mary jane? yes Crack? no
Smoking in public areas: poor puppies!
Animal neglect: your mean
Global warming: kill the cows!
The middle east: fuck that shit....
Politics in the USA: no thanks
Abortion: what did the ancient chinese say about that?
The death penalty: i'll do it! pick me! can i kill them!? yay!
Education system where you live: what education system?
Child abuse: no
Sex scandals in the Catholic church: i'm w/ elise on that one 'all i want is bang bang bang!' can't wait...
De-forestation: is that like cutting some one's balls off? j/p, uhh... as long as the trees aren't in the way of a new chinse buffet!
Oil wars: yay! is that like a mud fight?
Pornography: since this will be read by mixed audiences, my opinion would have to be no opinion
The draft (forced military recruitment): huh?
Cattle feedlots: wtf mates?
Animal rights activists (like PETA): does that stand for people eating tofu all-night?
Lawyers: sure, y not?
Junk food and kids: best thing thats every happened.
Freedom of speech: OMFG! thats my favorite
Freedom of press: free laundry mats?
Sex before marriage: do it again!
Sexism today: wat?
Gay marriages: uhh....
National saftey: is there such a thing?
Anime: sure
The "furry" community: the wat?!
Suicide bombers: ...
Gun control: bang bang bang!
Love: where?!
AIDS: its cuz of black gay people! eww! cooties!
Theater food: never!
Cafeterias: i'll pass
Fast food restaurants: omg, my favorite
Homophobia: silly little boys!
Stricter security in airlines: don't they already have that?
Illegal immigration: huh?
Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants: wat?!
Alcohol: can't wait
Zoos: OMG! i can't wait! can i pet the zebra?
Eating meat: just chicken! fuck the cows...
The current president of the USA: who's that?
Halloween: OMG, i can't wait till halloween horror nights! omg omg omg omg. i'm so excited. who's going w/ we this year?
Feminism: huh?
Utilitarianism: okay, now ur really confusing me. i can't even say that word. god damn.
Mathematics: sure, y not
Organic farming: tastes sooo good
Genetically modifyed food: yea sure
Racism: uhh...i shouldn't say my opinion
Cloning animals: do it again! and agian!
Cloning human beings: omg, clone me first.
Specieism (thinking one species is better than another): like the chinese? no people are better than the chinese...
Use of animals in scientific experimentation: i'll pass
Religion: i can't stand that shit
A country gaining independence through war: sure, wtf, bring it on
War in general: okay
Public schools: schools in general? no
Chronic depression: thats why we should legalize weed! duh
Super computers: can't wait!
Weapons of mass destruction: i am one. tehe.
Violence in schools: okay!
Violence in movies and videogames: i love it!
Sit-down family dinners: they lead to arguments. lets figure out how to sit throught the drive through w/o getting in an argument first. then maybe... just MAYBE we'll move on to sitting at a table
Hospitals: kill the old people, and the stinky people in there
Passing out condoms: huh?
Planned Parenthood: sure
Affirmative action: wat?
Thanks for taking this survey! (it took forever!)
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