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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2004 at 4:40pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: La La- Ashlee
hey all!!! whats up?!?! lol OMG today i met MICHAEL PHELPS, NATALIE COUGHLIN AND AMANDA BEARD! it was so much fun it was amazing lol and i got pictures w/ them and everything. i didnt really get to talk to amanda or michael =( but natalie knew my really good friend Annie who swims for CAL now so yea that was so cool! lol and michael looks even more gorgeous in person it was amazing i love him so much! i even asked a question it was: "what did i feel like standing on top of the podium hearing the national anthem w/ a gold medal around your neck?" o yea good question for me! lol but yea they all said it was cool and they were all nervous. natalie even said that she forgot the words. haha! o yea nd they said it was weird b/c everyone was staring @ them!! lol! but yea that was the most amazing experience ever and i loved it even though i didnt get to proclaim my love to Michael lol! next time i swear im going to do it!!! haha OMG and yesterday was the first COUGAR practice!!!! it was so much fun but REALLY HARD! haha we did this INTENSE dry land it was fun everyone was dying and sweating a lot! haha then we went downstairs and everyone introuduced themselves it was a lot of fun too! lol so then we SWAM! it was a lot of fun it was me, lauren, charley, justion, cassie and alexis in a lane it was a lot of fun we did a lot of drills and stuff then 8X125s free then warm down! it was a successful pratice! lol but yea thats about all for now!!! love u all sooo much!!! ttyl

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