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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2004 at 11:24pm
Current mood: drained
Music: Ryan Cabrera - True
Subject: I love Ryan, hehehe...
Yayyyyyy. 2 hour delay tommorow, that's awesome. Although I wish we could get out all day, i'm Today was gross! It rained all day, I don't think it stopped once.'s supposta be like this all day tommorow too. I'm takin an umbrella! I stayed pretty dry today but ya know we have some idiots who decide they're gonna jump into the big LAKE that formed on the front lawn of the school! Also some idiots were like hittin Kenny and pushin him in the water and he was runnin from them. I think they crossed the line a little bit there. It's funny with the not so special people, I mean yeah, Kenny can be annoying but he can't really help the way he is. You all know what I mean. Oh well, i'm thinkin they're gonna be sorry some day. That's all i'm gonna say! LoL...anyways. I'm lookin up some info on college stuff after school. I think I decided that i'm gonna go to school for (I think it's 2 years) to be a dental assistant, or somethin along the lines of that. Cause i've always thought that'd be a good job for me cause I love the dentist =] lol. Then later on ima probably go back to beauty school. Who knows? But i'm bein really serious about the dental assisting thing. Me and Cody had some interesting conversations on the phone tonight. HAHA. Another one of those great, but stupid convos. Ahhhh! Crazyyy. Well I don't have anything else to say so i'm gonna go dry my hair and go to bed ina lil bit. I'll c-y'all. Bye!!!
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