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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2004 at 2:52pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: welcome back..
Subject: ehhh
hmm classes this week are alright...a lot different from last year, i got no classes with helena...but i have english with manda so thats goood got 2 classes with vinnie and with mike and with heidi and jackie and ellen...yea but umm i hate having to do work lol im SOO lazy omg its crazzyyyyy

lol i talked to anthony today in the hall (yes amanda ur ex) lol he was standin in the hall wen i was in spanish and he was laughing at me haha watta dork...

umm so today...we thought it was a fire drill..but yea it wasnt haha cuz we walked out and we were like umm where are the trucks and fireman? so then we found out sum stupid defective smoke detector went off so yea we were outside madd long...all the lunches got messed up lol i had like 20 mins of 6th period,but a really long 5th period..very confusing day

and yea the bus driver today like completely rode by my bus stop haha so me and steve were like umm steve yelled at him to stop :-) haha thanks stephen! lol yea so i only had to walk like 1 minute :-) hehe

tomaros friday....i donno if i can go out tho :-\ baa i wanna!! theres a NHS Football game, but ehh i am NOT watchin that shyt in the rain lol so maybe ill go out with sum pplz...but i donno my mom said i mite not be able to cuz we have that whole family thing on saturday....erg GAY

well im out...
Gangsta E (as kelly would say)
yea cuz im SO black rite....? haha um no
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