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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2004 at 5:15pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Yellowcard - Only one
Subject: Paris Hilton is a whore!!
I'm so excited...Ryan Cabrera will be on TRL in a few minutes and tonight the new 'Joey' show will be on...YAY! I need to get a life. LoL, oh well. School wasn't too bad today, I slept in til like 9:15 and got all ready and mom took me out there n I was a lil late, I got there at like 10:05, the bell had just rang. We were in first period til like 11:20 then they dismissed us for lunch. It was yummy =] Chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, rolls, and all that good stuff. I pigged out! lol. Thursdays rock! HaHa, Yea today I had to stay after school for Morgantown practice. Blah. Okay so I really like Yellowcard...they're a great band. The main singer has an awesome voice. I need to get that CD too. Oh yea, regarding my subject...Paris Hilton is so nasty, I can't stand her. She's so fake and nasty lookin. She trys to be so hot and personally I jus don't think she's pullin it off. Pretty much, thinkin the only people she pulls it off for is sex crazed maniacs. UgH. Okay i'm gonna stop talkin bout her i'm gettin Sorry if I offended anyone! Tommorow evening after dad gets home from the Bishop Donahue game we are spendin the nite at Embassy Suites for dads class and then comin home Saturday evening. I'm really excited cuz I wanna go shoppin at the town center =] yayyyz! Jazzie keeps fartin and i'm serious, it's bad. Me and mom are like pukin...haha! OmG!!! They just showed Ryan backstage you could only see him from the back but thats totally fine with me, haha! Ahhh! Well i'm gonna go before the show comes back. Bye Bye!!
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