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jennabear (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2004 at 7:42pm
Current mood: crushed
Music: Goo Goo Dolls--Slide
Subject: SO much has happened
But right now I'm so disgustingly bored. My only two friends went home this weekend, and I am so jealous.
Chris said he'd call me today and he still hasn't...he's seriously become one of my best friends...which makes it even worse when he chooses to say goodbye....

I lose not only a lover, but a best friend...
it's like...I turn to him for EVERYTHING...who will I turn to the day he says goodbye?

I'm sad.
BUT next weekend he's coming to stay with me. I Can't WAIT. I just want to be with him so much.
I saw him last weekend...this is the first weekend in months we won't be together...
I don't even REMEMBER the last time we went two weeks without seeing each other. April, maybe?
I think...
man it's gonna get hard.
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