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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2004 at 9:36am
Current mood: chipper
Music: misfits - american psycho
Subject: hollys last night.
Well thursday night was absolutly class. I got into the crown for about 9.30 and met john who is looking completely differant now hes being all healthy and stuff. Lucy came to so i was with them for most the night, her bump gets bigger eveytime i see her its weird as hell.
Anyway i got told to leave the crown but got told by the manager that he reconises me from other nights and that i should come back in an hour after the cops had gone. Anyway then he got a bit sleazy and i was extremely rude to him so i think thats proberbly why i didnt get back in so anyway me john stace and lucy went to the arena because it was indie night, we sat in the acklam talkint to the baldie bouncer bloke mainly about the nights me and john used to spend at emmas and lucys babyanyway there was bands on in the arena (people from college playing in them) so we decided to stay. It was pretty good plenty of the indie kids from college were there so there was plenty of talkting and general mooching.
Baby got hungry though so me and lucy decided to get some food and john came too cause id hardly seen im in the whole year so it was a good idea that we could talk where we didnt have to shout at each other.
After that was dont we went back to the crow and the bouncers took complete pitty on me and gave me a big hug because the manager was a gay and they stook talking to me for the rest of the time while we were waiting for holly and jonny and dailey and damo blah blah blah. They were so cool they gave me a coat cause i was cold ahww.
When everyone got out there were like 50 people crying because they were all moving away (ahw and jim was crying cause liam is moving theyre so cute). We got roped into getting in a taxi with jonny cause he said hed pay for it but of course it was saul that was blodey driving it so it took absolutly ages to get to the crown. So combined with waiting to say bye to everyone till new year and for fecking saul to come in his taxi we didnt get back till 3 and then me anbd stace stayed up talkign about the holly claire damo daily situation for about an hour so we both got very little sleep esp since we had to be up and quater to seven. Dont care theough i had the best night ever.
Appart from damian getting all posesive agsty and paranoid about promices i dint make and the fact that i cant fix phones or fuck with peoples free will. Its all okay now though. Just look like i will be living my life under the fucking thumb after all, goodbye social life
In other news since my helix percing fell out ive decided do either get a conch rook or daith dont at 1.2 with a bar so it looks really descreet. cant wait eep!
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