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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2004 at 9:32am
Current mood: tired
Music: oldies..
Subject: its so early
last nite Ryan, Gui and Ben came over....we TRIED to watch the girl next door..but yea i hate my tv and i donno how to use all the plugs, so we spent forever trying to do that, then we just called katie to have her help us haha but we still didnt really watch it lol

they had to leave early cuz gui was gunna chill with sarah at her house...
haha then after they left katie called me to tell me that she saw WALLY at the football game..hahaha omg i havent seen him since like....the last basketball game! haha or was it that nite at the mall...?? haha i donno but yea i definately need to see him, cuz um Wally is haha nvm...

hmm so today i have to go to the Dentist, then The Orthodontist...ughh then either i have to stay here and clean my room lol, or i can go to natick days...haha but i gotta clean cuz yea the cousins are comin tonite and they always go into my room, so yea...but i wanna go to natick days to see ppl....then around 6 is wen the big italian family will be coming haha...only like half of my family is coming tho cuz sum ppl are away...but i just hope that my cousin Steven is comin cuz i havent seen him in forever, and i miss him

hmm...soo sooo tired rite now my mom fuckin woke me up at like 9...FOR NO REASON baa wtf!

well imma go do sumthin, but i donno wat
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