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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2004 at 12:03am
Current mood: happy
Music: lisa lobe- you say
Subject: i writing again :) they all suck :(
yay to ridiculously boring classes cause ive had time to start writing again. i really miss that. i suck now. argh why didnt i stick with it? heres a couple things...

She asked, "what do you suppose we do when we run out of resources?" Well i've fucking run out of all but one and im feelign the desperation. have we run out already? holding on to the last threads with a bullet and a tank, we'll take what can getm even if we must pillage. but big brother told us to do it. a herd full of apes running. who can climb the tree the fastest? i said.. not good at all...

This disease has killed so many alread and im doing all i fucking can. (all i fucking can) to protect myself from it. (to protect myself from you). ive listened to all the lectures (each and every one) that they've given on how to protect from it (how to protect myself from you)i've bought each and every thing (every single one) they have told us that we need, (what i need) how to protect myself from it (from you) wearing it like a fucking suit of armor (the helmet is placed on) and you're saying that im a bitch. (well i say you infect) youve never sen me like this (and your confused what to do) well theyve taught me real fucking well (it makes me stonger than you) not used to this? (i could never get used to you) well get used to it. (ive finally made the change) because the only thought i have is of the antithesis of you. (i sill love you)

..well i know my writing isnt good. but eh. at least im starting to do it again.....

.. this kinda of goes with the last one but its really just like randomness....

i'll be your most uninspiring muse. the end to every one of your most touching songs. remember that emptiness you felt when she left you? i'ld lust nothing more than to hurt you a thousand times worse. fuck stomping on your heart i want to make you fall in love. you still wouldnt feel the pain ive felt all these years, but if given the chance i would rip out your heart and devote myself to watching you suffer. yes, i've let you infect me this much.

... ahh boredom in classes. and i suck at tic tac toe.... heres the shittest one of all...

the river was overflowed tonight. she realized her dreams will never come true. there is no balcony for her to sit on and he never plucks his guitar anymore. hes found he perfect match. perfectly plastic. she's happy he's happy. and he's happy hat she seems content. With the music turned up the last breath in brought her fast to her dreams. the long slow breath cleared and so do her problems.

welp yeah those are my writings. last night we turned my bathroom into a bakery.. yeah. insanity.. hehe... i still feel a little lonely at school. but i got to hang out a little yesturday with josh and sean. i like hanging out with sean. cause hes weird and cool. and ya know. i keep wanting to ask other people to hang out.. but im a dork and such.
i picked up zach from the train today cause he is going to florida to help people in the hurricane. i hope everything goes ok. and he gets in and out ok. im not sure what im doing tonight. but if your reading this i would love plans!!! :)

*stagnancy is my only enemy*

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