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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2004 at 10:58pm
Current mood: listless
Subject: HELLO
I've had an okay weekend so far. LoL. All my classes [excluding Chemistry] were pretty easy on Friday. Not alotta people were there. During 4th, we had a class meeting and yay...we are gettin a DJ for prom! HeHe! But yeah, Friday evening we stayed after for FFA practice. Boring!! Cody came and got me from that and then Tabi came over, and Jenn was gonna come too but she got grounded and around 8 we went up to Embassy Suites and stayed the night...we ordered pizza and watched Toy Story 2 when we got there...hehe! It was great, but Tabi made fun of me cause I laughed at the movie so much. It was depressing! LoL...we got up this morning at like 9:30 and went down and ate some breakfast. I had pineapples and a banana. YuM. HAHA. Yea we went back to the room and watched a lil Fairly Oddparents movie We found out you can get on the internet at the hotel so we got our showers then went n did that. No one was on so me and Tabi just talked to eachother, lol. Great fun! We finally went over to the mall at about 1:00, we went crazy haha. I got a shirt in Deb [that someone I know might LOVE haha!] A bracelet in Claires that says "I <3 Brad" I got it cause of Emerson Drives Brad =] Ryan Cabreras CD, 2 pairs of earrings in Claires, Some sandals that have a lil heel on em in JcPenney, A pair of those old school shoes [like know, lol] Also, I got some dark brown dye cause i'm gonna dye my hair again and some new shampoo. I think that's all, I dunno though!! Yep, Great. I got home today at like 6-7ish and I had been up since 9 so I layed down and took a nap. I'm really tired now I need to go to bed but i'm not goin to at the moment, sooo. I dunno what i'm doin tommorow? I should sleep all day...that's what I wanna do, but if I do that I would probably stay up all night and then I would like die from bein more tired than I already am at school. Blah...i'm gonna go eh, do something I dunno. Bye!
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