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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2004 at 6:53pm
Subject: my heart thrives in the city
the city was amazing last night. luke, mark, lindsay, and alex thanks soo much for an AMAZING night. we fn walked from the north end to northeastern at like 2 in the morning.. who does that? oo gosh. hehe. the water front amazing. my many toothbrush amazing. haha marks inability to move.. amazing. haha. the whole night was just a blast. i had soo much fun. im going out as much as i can. i love luke so much. i think not seeing him around as much makes me appreciate him all the more. haha summertimes were fun with him. but nothing can beat the city. i cant wait to spend my whole birthday weekend out there. (although i will deff be out before) me alex and lindsay decided they are going to take the train to worcester and then we are all going to URI together to visit Ian. i realized how badly i want to live out there. it was just soo much fun. the swings on the waterfront. the reflecting pool. everything. awesome. well thats it for now. later gaters.

*stagnancy is my only enemy*
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