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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2004 at 8:12pm
Current mood: cold
Music: watchin charlies angels..
Subject: ehh
so the party wasnt that bad. . .
i got to see my baby cousin Gabriel!! i was soo happy my cousin Danielle and I played with him the whole nite, hes soo adorable, i took pictures of him lol

every1 loved the collage that i made :-)
it was a lot longer then wat i thought it was gunna be tho lol ppl didnt leave until like...11:30

i had a SIP of my moms smirnoff twisted..and maybe a FEW MORE SIPS of some other stuff... JUST SIPS! haha i swear!

i woke up and my tummy kinda hurt.. :-[

hmm today i just sat around cuz i was REALLY tired, then i took a wicked long shower cuz i pretty much fell asleep lol

marks a bum and has been in the basement the whole day, and says that i cant watch tv down there, wens hes there..umm no thats not gunna work out kidd

ehh im gunna go finish watchin charlies angels...

shop tomaro ...ehh boring

much love lol
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