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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2004 at 12:46am
Music: Enemies - Sore Thumb Syndrome
Opera In the Park today - free at Golden Gate Park. Amazing. Dave Matthews Band also played free at Golden Gate Park today. I didn't go to that, but I'm fairly sure Karen was there. I like opera. Dave sucks.

I'm seriously obsessed with colored vinyl. Like, I got this Real Enemy - Attack! 7" from ebay, and when it came in the mail, it was yellow vinyl. There's only, like, 45 of those. I was expecting one of the normal ones, so I was super happy.

DeAtHkNiGhT87: whats up
SweeTzK333: nothing
DeAtHkNiGhT87: o ok
SweeTzK333: what's going on?
DeAtHkNiGhT87: nothing
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