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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2004 at 10:18am
Current mood: confused
Music: ..wr0ng wayy -->> subLime..
Subject: . l0l .. i'M WEiRD .
l0l, i stayedD h0me t0dayy. 0kayy, lemme explaiin wut's wr0ng wit me. yesterdayy, me nd miKe we're watchiing TV at hiisz h0use nd my leg fell asleep. well, that was ar0undD 4pm nd well, my leg hasn't w0ken upp yet nd it's lyke 18 h0ursz later. l0l, i dunn0 wut's wr0ng wit me .. it's numb nd i cant feel s0o i'm g0iin t0 the d0ct0r nd then pr0lly gettiin an ultras0undD dun at my j0b nd then g0iin straight t0 w0rk. newh0, my wh0le weekendD was spent wit my baller babyy, miKe. we went t0 li0n c0untryy safarii 0n satuRdayy. we g0t t0 see 2 li0nsz fuck .. it was the shyt. we g0t int0 a huge fiight thuRsdayy cuz he sw0re 0n 0ur relati0nshiip that he w0uldn't get barsz 0ne niight nd he didD nd it made me feel lyke 0ur relati0nshiip was w0rth nuthiin t0 hiim. s0o wen i pulledD upp at hisz h0use, i c0uldD tell he was fuckedD upp s0o i went t0 get my keyysz nd start my car nd leave but he st0le my keyysz nd w0uldn't giive them back s0o i startedD walkiin d0wn the street ndD i was screamiin at hiim nd made hiim feel lyke shyt basicallyy. then i g0t my keyysz nd left. then i went back cuz he w0uldn't st0p calliin me. went back .. f0ught m0re nd dr0ve 0ff again. he calledD me nd t0ldD me wen i spedD 0ut 0f hiis drivewayy i ran 0ver nautica (( 0ur puppyy )) nd br0ke her 2 back legsz nd he made me feel badD s0o i dr0ve back 0nce again t0 fiindD that the d0gg was perfectlyy fiine nd he juss saidD that t0 get me t0 c0me back nd then he t0ldD me that he'd be heart br0ken wit0ut me nd that he l0vesz me m0re than anyy 0ther gurl he's benn wit. s0o we were fiine after that. it was a big drama fiight but i'm gladD it's 0ver. yesteRdayy, i calledD a t0w truck c0mpanyy f0r miKe s0o he c0uldD get hiis truck fixedD beiing the baller gurlfriendD i am .. haha. he hadda flat tiire but we didnt have a biig en0ught jack t0 liift it upp cuz he has a huge truck .. l0l. we juss hung 0ut nd y0u kn0. l0l, we hadda g00dD weekendD. i l0ve hiim s0o much .. ahh, it's great. later gat0rsz. <33

<33 SiSi
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