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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2004 at 6:57pm
Current mood: angry
Subject: GROW UP!
and so it starts again... the rumors... the talking behind my back.... the pretending that i'm ignorant... the no trust even tho i didn't do anything to lose it...

you would think that THEY of all people would be different but no. they're just as stupid and gossip just as much as everyone else and im so sick of it. i didn't do anything at all and suddenly i'm the bad person again. again. again. and yet again. theres no hope. i don't think its possible for them to understand me. they don't know me no matter how much i open up to them they still have no clue who i am. if they did they would go around saying all this crap about me. non of its true and it pisses me off that they could convince people who i've known all my life that i did these things or whatever. they need to GROW UP, GET A LIFE, and STAY OUT OF MINE!!!

sorry i'm just so mad right now u don't even know.

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